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Profile Kenan İmirzalıoğlu (English)
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Kenan İmirzalıoğlu is one of the most talented actors of Turkish Tv&Cinema. With his good looking and stunning acting performance he became one of the best male stars of Turkey.

Kenan İmirzalıoğlu was born in 18th of June 1974 in the village Üçem, which is located in Bala province of Ankara. He studied his middle school and high school in Ankara. After graduating from the high school, he didn’t succeed well in the matriculation exams in his first try. After the disappointment, he was returned to his village and studied to the matriculation exams for university. By his second attempt he was qualified for Yıldız Technical University Mathematics Faculty. Then he moves to İstanbul for his university education.

İmirzalıoğlu was a good looking young man, with his height and good looking, her friends were insisting him to became a model. By this advises and insistance İmirzalıoğlu started to work with a modelling agency. After his modelling career started, he joined to the contest of Best Model of Turkey and he took  the first place of the contest, became the Best Model of Turkey. As he took the first place of Turkeys’s contest, so he joined the Best Model of The World contest. With his great success he also took the first place of the worldwide contest, and became the Best Model of The World. This was the first time a Turkish model won such a prize.
After the contest, he got offers from the TV series. The Director Osman sınav offers him the leading role of the tv series “Deli Yürek(Mad Heart)”. İmirzalıoğlu accepts this offer as he likes Mr.Osman Sınav. After the series he starred in his first movie “Deli Yürek-Bumerang Cehennemi(Mad Heart-Boomerang Inferno)”.
After the movie of Deli Yürek is completed he went to the U.S.A for language education. After his return, he got more offers for new movie and tv projects. He picked the project Alacakaranlık(Twilight), which is was written and directed by Uğur Yücel. After this project he acted in the movie of “Yazı Tura(Heads and Tails)” which is also produced by the Alacakaranlık team.

The next tv series project was Acı Hayat(The Bitter Life), which was based on the original movie dated 1962. movie. With his strong performance, he increased his popularity among Turkish people.

In the year of 2006 he acted in the movie of “Son Osmanlı Yandım Ali(The Last Ottoman Yandım Ali)” which was based on the cartoon of Suat Yalaz.
As his performance was increasing, the offers continued to increase, and he starred in the movie “Kabadayı(Swashbuckler)” with the legendary actor Şener Şen, besides his tv series, this movie was one of the peaks of his movie career.
After this projects, his last and most successful project is the tv series “Ezel“. Ezel became so popular, took number one place of the tv ratings. The series are finished this season, however series stared to show in abroad countries.

Short notes about Kenan İmirzalıoğlu:

-His parents are farmers. He has a sister and a brother
-He has 1.90 cm height and his shoes are number 46
-He doesnt like night life
-He likes reading and listening to music
-He loves drinking tea, an enthusiast. His favorite is the blend which he prepares by his own.
-He loves eating meat in his meals
-He eats honey everyday in his breakfast
-He loves forests, and he has a great passion to the nature


-Deli Yürek - Yusuf Miroğlu – 1999

-Deli Yürek: Bumerang Cehennemi -Yusuf Miroğlu-2001

Alacakaranlık - Ferit Çağlayan- 2003

Yazı tura- Hayalet Cevher – 2004

Acı hayat - Mehmet Kosovalı- 2005-2006

Son Osmanlı Yandim Ali- Ali -2007

Kabadayi- Devran- 2007

Ejder kapani - Akrep Celal-2010

Ezel - Ezel Bayraktar-2009-2011

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A lot of useful information here. Read Long that can be applied to everyday life, really.

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Ynt: Profile Kenan İmirzalıoğlu (English)
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All actions of my own, I'll do it as well.